Monday, July 25, 2011

Money, Money, Money...

First of all, I'd like to say thanks again to everyone replying/commenting. Makes me want to get back on here and continue this journey to a million dollars. Theresa - you posted a comment this morning that really got me thinking - isn't it funny how growing up we're taught about family, religion, love, passion for what you do, etc.  and yet when it really comes down to it, you could be the most well-educated, passionate, religious individual and still get stuck in a shitty job, doing the basic 9-5 "grunt work" and what do we really need at the end of the day?...

Money, Money, Money.

I should get Kevin O'Leary (see: Shark's Tank, Dragon's Den) to come sponsor one of these blog posts and just talk about how greedy we should all start getting because at the end of the day, the world revolves around money. I know a lot of people will disagree but in my humble opinion, it is what it is - money = success = happiness = life.

I had a great weekend, got to relax, worked a bit on Saturday to earn a couple more bucks, played some golf (on the house, don't worry - still saving). Put away about $120 over the weekend, so we're sitting around $125 already, 3 posts in.

So I'll turn it over to you guys for now and this time when I say I'll keep it short and sweet - I mean it :P. Agree/Disagree? Also, "monetise"ing my blog took some thinking but I decided to allow the ads to come through because at the end of the day, if I can earn some money doing this, it could perhaps help me reach my goal faster and ultimately be my one hit wonder - I just hope it doesn't deter anyone away from checking out the content. Also, moving forward, will be getting more into the news side of business/advertising/media so stay tuned..



  1. I can't agree with you more, In fact, I had this thought this morning, I thought to myself while I was wiping down the dirty counter in the break room, that no one seems to clean except for me, I thought to myself my entire life I wanted to do something really really great. As a child I was taught that "God" will bless you if you live a really great, passionate life, he gives you passions so that you know what direction to go in. But what is more heart breaking, even more heart breaking then a bad break up, or spilling your morning coffee...whats the most painful these days is waking up everyday and completely resenting my job. I sit on the subway at a quarter to six, waiting for the subway that goes in a million directions but only seems to take me in one direction...why is that?

  2. Resentment of a job, I couldn't agree more, is one of the worst feelings to wake up to everyday. Totally feel you about getting into the same old routine and basically going to work just for the sake of going to work. There's no happiness there, no passion, no love. What do you do for a living? If you don't mind me asking. And you mentioned you live in one of the most expensive cities, so that must be tough - are we talking Manhattan expensive? Same scenario where I am, expense-wise, but fortunately got the job in the field I wanted, just not necessarily the position I wanted. Studying advertising leaves your mind prepared for a fun and exciting career - yeah, not so much.

    As for the "one direction" part - maybe we need to help you out with a job hunt :)

  3. You study advertising? Small world, when I graduated, I was presented the "Advertising Presentation Award" at my University however, I didn't attend graduation...I passed but I didn't attend the ceremony...some reason I can't really grip...I just couldn't picture myself standing in a robe, on a lawn with a bunch of people who I know I would never see again....I couldn't bring myself to go, and maybe part of the reason was my bitterness toward my school for holding my degree due to an "outstanding" bursar balance...Advertising..they run the world. I'm a journalist..or I want to be..if I could simply find a job in my field...the sad part is, I was just offered an opportunity that most likely due to financial reasons I won't be able to take because it would require I take off of work...and because I'm taking off of work for medical reasons I can't ask for another day....very frustrating...I live in one of the most expensive cities in the guessed it....and straight out of college I began working for a Doctors office. I was working somewhat in my field but...well...that's a story for another I wound up at a DR office, could be a blog on its own. Hows the fund raising going?? Do you think if I started a blog asking for people to send me a quarter...they would? There is a homeless man on my street and everyday he asks for a single quarter not less not more.." can i have a quarter he says" I say Not today...he then says Thank You Miss...I never give him a quarter...because I always picture myself one day saying...I don't have a quarter but here is 100 of them .....silly I know.....

  4. Hey Theresa, busy last couple of days - will reply to your last comment later today along with a new post :)

  5. Hey Theresa, sorry didn't have a chance to write back sooner. Funny about the advertising, I actually did a 4 year business degree program at university, hated every second of it and then went to college for a two year advertising program and fell in love. i did the whole grad thing, just for my parents. they've been through a lot, they deserved to see it. tell me more about how you ended up at the dr's! i'm interested. and not silly at all, i'm the kind of person who will give a homeless person a couple bucks but then will stand there talking to them to see what they plan on doing with the money i gave them. i'd give you a quarter. i've often thought of the same thing. what if i went door to door and just asked everyone for a single dollar, how long it'd take me to reach my million dollar goal. i'll have a new post up soon, we had a long weekend this past weekend and did a little spending so i need to see where the million dollar goal is going!

    hope you had a great weekend/past couple of days. keep writing, journalism sounds more fun then a dr's office!

  6. Do you have an inbox? Its a long story.

  7. Sure, shoot me an email:

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