Friday, July 22, 2011


It was a pleasant surprise to get even the slightest feedback from the first post. I will try my best to keep this blog updated as often as possible, but with the work load of a typical corporate job and friends/family/etc. in the picture, things get a little hectic at times.

One comment referred to motivation. What a great topic to in the first post I posed questions as to what your optimal dollar amount would be to make you "happy" - but I didn't mention what your motivating factors are, what's driving you, what is helping you to reach your goals? These are the things that I think we often overlook and more over, I personally think they're in the goals we set my parents being a part of my goal (helping them retire) - well, they act as a HUGE motivating factor in my life, they push/drive me - so there's my motivation. Plus the whole One Hit Wondr part. Wanting to make my mark is definitely driving me.

Notice how there's the little things in our day to day life that simply just eat our money away. For example, I'm sitting here right now writing this out with a starbucks coffee in my hand. Nothing special in my cup today, but remember that 5$ I kept aside with the last post? All of the sudden that 5$ becomes 3$ real quick. Not much, but to put it into perspective (I like to put things in perspective) - my savings just dropped 40%. Just a thought, I mean, I'm a coffee fiend, so it definitely adds up quickly. What are some of the things that you buy day-to-day?

I'm about to jump into a meeting so I'll keep today's post short and sweet. I hope this blog gains some more traction and I hope the comments continue. If you think I'm an idiot (like the first comment apparently thought) for thinking a million dollars would satisfy all of my goals and make me happy - then tell me! I will NOT delete posts unless they are blatantly rude/ignorant or insult another commenter. Or tell me what your thoughts are - one user said they would need closer to $5 million, keeping $2MM aside for just their retirement. Genius! Or is it insane, I mean, would you be able to even keep two million dollars put away somewhere where temptation doesn't reach it first?

Hmm..Temptation..maybe my next topic of discussion.

Quote for the day: Never Write an Advertisement Which You Wouldn't Want Your Own Family To Read. You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife. Don't tell them to mine. Do as you would be done by.



  1. i agree with you I'm a sucker for smoothies and slushies !

  2. As I respond to his, I am finishing my mocha at Coffee Bean. But my husband and I are keeping our heads above water as I try to find some reason for just graduating with my MFA. Yes, money would ease many problems. However, if I were to acquire such a large sum, I'm keeping what will keep me from worrying about expenses, but I'd give a lot away to Animal Rescues. Hell, I raise money for groups now with no financial gain. So why not share the wealth with a cause you believe in? In fact, family tells me "you should find a way to make money off of this." Why? I'm happy to save lives. I don't need money for it.

    On another note, my blog is told from the POV of Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame as their band travels from modern L.A. to Missouri. I have done several recent postings about money. You might find it funny!