Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My very first time..

My name is One Hit Wondr and this is my blog on satisfaction. Why is my satisfaction blog called "MMDollarBlog"? Well it's pretty simple, the other day I woke up thinking to myself, "I really wish I had enough money in the bank that I could go out and buy whatever I want, take a day off work and just enjoy life." Sounds too good to be true, right? Of course it is.

Before I really get into what this blog is all about and how it ties into personal satisfaction, I'll talk about myself a bit. I'm 23 years old, from a very large city in the Great White North. Why the name One Hit Wondr? Well to be blunt, I want this blog to be my one hit wonder. I always wanted to be remembered for something and I started my career-path like any other student and got through both University and College. Studied business and advertising and graduated with honours, directly into an amazing career opportunity with a massive Media Publisher. Can't complain, but I'm still not satisfied. Still haven't had my one hit wonder.

I'll now get to the "meat and potatoes" of it all - I want a million dollars. And I want to share the journey with whoever feels like following along. To me, a million dollars is the optimal amount of money that I would need to reach personal satisfaction. How? Well with that cash I could do 3 things I've always dreamt of doing, buying myself a house, a luxury car and allowing my parents to retire. People say money can't buy happiness; I tend to disagree, a million dollars and accomplishing those three things would be my one hit wonder.

Throughout my blog, I will keep a track of my progress, update anyone who is following with my thoughts on business news, industry trends, social media topics, etc. - basically anything advertising or media related to keep the conversation flowing and hopefully can gain some interaction with everyone through the comment board. 

So now I reach out to you:

What is your optimal number? 
Is there even an amount of money out there to make you truly happy? 
And most importantly..
What will be your one hit wonder?

We all have dreams, we just need to get a sense of direction, have a positive attitude and maybe strike a bit of luck.

 We'll see where this takes us, for now I am beginning my one million dollar saving by dropping a single $5 bill into my safe. Let the games begin.



  1. No offense, but I cannot see how you plan on doing all that with only 1 million dollars, but best of luck.

  2. Fair comment; based on simple financial planning (again, based in a major Canadian market):

    Home - $400k-$500k
    Luxury Car - (for sake of argument) $100k
    Parents Retirement - $250k-$300k

    And because I'm an investor at heart, even though young, I would retain the balance of about $100k-$250k.

  3. Also, @jamiessmiles; what would you consider a fair number then to reach that goal?

  4. I think I could be happy with any amount of money (although more money would make certain things easier). For me to live my dream life I would need about 5 million. This way I can live somewhat conservatively (250k home, two 30k cars, 2 million in retirement for me and fiance, 2 million for family members in need, and travel until I'm sick of traveling).

    I would still work though...I would be bored if I didn't.

  5. I agree that money can buy a lot of things that make you happy, but I also believe it's extremely possible to be happy without a lot of money. To me, money and happiness are two different things. If your pursuits of both coincide, then that works for you. For some people, it's different.

    Motivation and having a goal to work for are important though, and your intentions sound good, what with looking after your parents and all that. Interesting blog.

  6. Personally, I would just like to have a decent paying job right now. I just turned 24 and my hopes currently amount to renting my own apartment, starting a 401k, and having just a little pocket money. Sure, I'd like to win the lottery (preferably $500 million after taxes, which is highly unlikely) but right now, I'm trying not to push my luck.

    Right now, my push for a one hit wonder is the blog I just started. The stats so far are promising. I hope you'll check it out. :D

  7. Thanks for all the comments, another post is coming today!

    @Raz - i thank you for bringing up the topic of motivation, that's HUGE in reaching any goal, not matter how big or how small.

    @jesse, will definitely check out the blog, just a question - preference to rent over buying a place? just curious, i always find it interesting why people prefer to rent over owning!

    Keep the comments coming everyone, appreciate it!

  8. wow sounds exiting i followed

  9. I love this idea, in fact I often wake up with the same thoughts. Dropping five dollars in a jar, great idea. I want to try.

    Lets see...amount I want to live comfortably? Well Currently I just started a new job. A grunt work, monkey see, monkey do, job. Which, I make a meager, 30,000 salary, i say meager because of taxes, my incoming checks are 890.00 bi weekly. Which if you do the math, is something around 450.00 a week. I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and I struggle every single day to cover my expenses on this type of wage. I'm payed 2wice a month and its extremely ruff and almost impossible to get caught up. That being said...what is my "one hit wonder"....I am a writer, I studied Television, and media production...I guess my one hit wonder, would be an award winning documentary film. On what? I'm not sure of the topic. But that would be amazing. As far as what I want to live on...I don't know, simply put I would want a salary that I can afford to pay my rent, live comfortable, maybe buy a house, and have room left over to travel and take a sick day now and then....what number would that be? Its hard to say....